You do wha?

Last week two things happened. Ok lots of things happened but I’m going to talk about two of them. One of the officers respeced his Warlock alt to Dest and I did some heroics on my newly 80 Priest.

Firstly, when people lvl a Warlock they ask me questions. Most ask all about lvling specs or about haste and crit but this officer (I say officer to gently indicate that he is regarded as a good player) asked if I was serious? – ‘You watch dots, cast times, and cooldowns? Seriously?’. Apparently that’s a lot. When I mentioned that I also monitor personal buffs, spells cast within the personal buffs, personal health, personal mana, my pet, personal positioning, raid positioning, raid mana, boss stats, raid deaths, and threat metres… he respec’d back to Afflic (I didn’t tell him I also monitor heal output because he’s our Holy Priest). Now, he does most of that as well – as an officer it’s second nature. We wipe and officer chat explodes with imput from each area about what was going on and solutions we have thought of (or if it’s the 7th Yogg wipe it just explodes with explitives). What he didn’t like about Dest was the…priority element? The way I think of it (which may make no sense), is that the Afflic dot play style streams along at a set pace with one short cooldown that is easily cast in place of Shadow Bolt – it’s forward momentum. Dest isn’t like that though: we stream with one or two dots and prioritise when more powerful spells are available. Add the buff from Backdraft (30% haste increase) and the necessity of Immolate for Conflagrate and suddenly you can’t stream or simply prioritise… you have to think and you have to monitor. Complicated? Sure but I can do it in my sleep šŸ˜‰

Secondly, my wee Priesty was invited to a Heroic (whoopdi do) and I had to explain that I was not confident healing an undergeared tank. My Priest has always been heals but she’d often swap between Disc and Holy. I couldn’t handle the small, fast numbers SPriests used to output, especially when I had played with Shadow as a Warlock. For me there was no comparison – Shadow is for Warlocks. Now, I consider myself a good healer, a very good healer, but I was wearing greens and I didn’t have any shoulders (the slight downside of Heirloom pieces and a shoddy memory). I had 10k mana and I wasn’t looking after a tank with 12k hp. Wait wait though, I can come as Shadow…. Keep in mind that I lvl’d 0-60 as Shadow and that I am the caster officer with a fair idea of how each class is played. I was sat on my ass. Suddenly there were all these spells and they all took different times to cast and some only needed to be put up once and some finished really quickly and some took a lot longer and there were lots of pretty sounds and streams of purplish light and WTF is with a 4 second COOLDOWN!! I spent most of the first 2 heroics trying to remember what spells I had then the next 2 trying to remember to cast Mind Blast every 4 fucking seconds. When we hit the 5th my friend (who is one of our raiding SPriests) gently reminded me that I have Shadow Form which will up my dps a little – much to the enjoyment of the other 3 (grr). The next night we repeated the process a little and I was much more pleased with my dps because I wasn’t wasting time dotting trash… until I was reminded that I should Mind Sear if there is more than 3 mobs…. I was mortified.

While I didn’t quite plummet from my exaluted station of pride in Warlocking, I did gain a much much greater respect for other caster classes (though I must admit to a little added disrespect for Mages who seem so much easier). I’ve played Boomkin before but never enough to really count and certainly not in a raid. They aren’t as complicated as SPriests but they have their own issues. Add utility to that mix…I demand that our casters assist on dispells and decurses, it works very well because the healers do it automatically also – if healers are hard pressed it gives them room to breathe and if they aren’t no-one looses out. Monitoring all those spells and dispelling though…. Well done mulit-taskers I say.


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