Gloves from Al’ar

As I read other blogs I notice variations of the question ‘why do we play Wow?’. Each person has had a different reason, ranging from ‘shinies’ to ‘because’. I must admit respect for both. I still remember being lvl 40, seeing Neltharion’s Tear and thinking it was the most amazing, sublime, and perfect pixilation I had laid eyes on. How could anything be so powerful!? It was hawt and I wanted it. It was then that raiding opened up to me as a possibility external to the enjoyment of lvling. Sure killing stuff was good but I knew it was going to end…unless I raided. So I did raid, I got my trinket the first time it dropped, I used it right into Naxx (the first one), and I even used it in early BC raids. It was and is glorious (albeit gloriously sitting in my bank) – shinies are a very good, very common reason for Wowing.

Also, if you are in our guild, Wow is a sociable experience. People have met in our guild and married; I was in the bridal party with several other people from our server there as well. This isn’t narrow minded geekiness though. We get along and we like each other. Wow players are as diverse as any hobbie group but we are faced with tasks, research, and trial and error. As officers we are perhaps a little closer. Each of us were partly chosen because we view things differently to the others (area specialties aside). I see long term issues and attempt to solve them before they are created, I also see small, negligible elements that people can argue over – if we can’t answer each issue we rethink the solution (though that doesn’t always work either). My memory, however, is crap. Did we do that before? Oh. Did it work? Oh. If your name starts with D you’re all the same to me. Don’t get me wrong, I have a picture in my head of who you are. I know your strengths and weaknesses, expected dps output per boss per your current mood…but if I ask for a soulstone you’ll have to work out which one of you I asked… way to many locks starting with D (and now the rogues and dk’s are starting as well, Darkthis and Darkthat). I just don’t remember stuff – like gear. I don’t know where it comes from, what it’s stats are, how many times it’s dropped, or even if I have it or not. I have a list of my wants and that’s it.

One of our long lost members rejoined Wow the other day and lvled to 80. As the assistant GM inspected him he laughed and commented that he was still wearing the gloves from Al’ar. He dropped gloves? I guess my trinket was my first encounter with gear…and my last. I don’t want gear. I don’t care about upgrades. I play Wow because I don’t watch tv. I play Wow to chat and to experience something outside the everyday research that I do – though I do love researching and writing up boss strats. I play Wow because I can problem solve every single day. I play because it’s pretty and I play because it’s fun. I play Wow because.


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