The General dilemma

This week we began working on the General Vezax hard mode and it has been a little difficult. Associated with this was one of my guildies recent blog entries about bloggers in the guild. I’m really excited that she has found her ‘coming out’ a positive experience but I’m also super aware that she, and perhaps the others, will be reading this. While she notes that I read their blogs for an insight into the raiders minds, I hasten to point out that I’m not all business – I really enjoy it, reading is my thing. However, it’s undeniable that there is a cross over. I have begun to implement alternatives within the raids based on what I read (from all three, not just one) and I have been waiting for entries about things that have happened – like General Vezax.

We have a three strike system. It was created when we were doing Archimonde and while I could confidently say that our guild did not struggle with encounters in general…Archi was very different. We killed him on our 146th attempt. When you are learning it, the fight is unforgiving. It’s not hard per se but if you stand in the fire you’re probably going to wipe us. Hence, three deaths to fire and we bring someone else in. We found that it was fair and reasonable, accidents happen and it doesn’t mean anything beyond sitting for the rest of the night. Unfortunately it doesn’t translate so easily to other bosses. Wrath opened all types of ways we can apply this so we did – to very great confusion. Decision making on the fly is a hit and miss affair. Pull aggro and it’s a strike. But whose fault is that? Blame starts to be thrown around and people stop having fun. Clarity is lost and I don’t like it, it impacts how fair we can be. In the General HM we had a few practice goes and then if you got hit by a crash it was a strike. My side sucked 😦

We only spent an hour that night on him and then we killed him. We swapped the groups a little to enable loot allocation for eligible people over non-eligible and, just before we started, it was decided that if you got hit by a crash this go, you would lose attendance (we use an attendance system broken into hours instead of dkp, simply have over a % of attendance and you are eligible for loot with a round robin system for each attendance block). In my opinion loosing an hour’s attendance is not a big deal, the attendance blocks are large enough that it is only going to impact you if you are consistently underperforming or if you are on the cusp, which is rare. I seem to be the only one that thinks that though…attendance is avidly watched and questioned – we have an officer who can justify his position simply because he handles all attendance areas (though he does other things too). In this case, however, I really thought that it was unfair. Five people lost attendance, one hadn’t made a mistake all night and another had just been brought in – that other is the blogger that I mentioned before /wave.

I hesitated writing this entry for two reasons. Firstly, as I state my opinion more and more there is a chance other officers will read what I write and dislike my revelations. Secondly, I don’t want my fellow guildie/blogger to feel that I was writing it for her benefit. I’m reasonably sure that she feels it was unfair and I think several people would agree with her. I think it is unfair but I’m finding I need to pick my battles carefully right now. Politics /sigh. I have decided, however, that this is my blog and that what I don’t get to express ingame can be expressed here. To my detriment perhaps but hopefully to my benefit as I work through what I think and decide how I can apply it next time.

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