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The Freya Bug

August 13, 2009

Female raid bosses are not very common (I can think of 9 or 10 but one is a Spider, two have horns, and another has 6 arms…) and until I encountered Freya I never really thought much of it. I remember reading something about ‘enjoying the feminine charms of the Eredar Twins with 24 other men’ and having a good giggle. But really, what is it in bosses that appeals to men? Apparently not breasts. Seems conquest plays a larger role in raiding than arousal which isn’t really surprising but, finding myself reasonably immune to the attraction of breasts and conquest, I appreciate the alternatives that female bosses give. In my world representation is important (sometimes I even tick the ‘non-gender associated’ box just to give it added value).

Faced with an evening of Freya hard mode (HM) should appeal to me and to those guys who don’t mind 10 foot tall, gray coloured women. Seems not. Player one just got home and needs to make dinner. Player two has DC issues for the past… oh 5 minutes. Player three is feeling sick and hasn’t player one made dinner by now…? Seems the Freya bug is catching and it takes out a lot of people. We had so many ‘unannounced akf’s’ that the raid leader had to comment on it. Admittedly we didn’t have a bio break on schedule but that was because we had one each time someone’s IP decided to operate at 50% for the rest of the evening. Tired of it? Yes. Tired of Freya? Um yes.

3 Elders is reasonably simple. Same fight with more dmg and 3 added abilities – take an extra healer, stop casting when there is a big blue warning, and move more than usual. Try two wiped 80% of the raid 30 seconds into it when 3 Solar Flare’s spawned on the same spot with everyone standing there – 8-9k dmg x3 = a 2 second death. /Blink. Who had a NR aura up? No one. Why not? I’ll do it now. Who read the strat today? Oh wait you’ve all gone to make coffee while we get Mr Vomit’s replacement.

So we killed Brightleaf and the Flare’s went away (in our defense they were also a little hard to see which I hear is a bug but the BIG BLUE WRITING wasn’t and then I was confused). Slowly we got better and I certainly couldn’t complain. After wiping repeatedly on the first round of adds we suddenly seemed to get it. Round 1 dead, round 2 dead, wipe. R1, r2, r3, wipe. R1, r2, r3, r4, wipe. Good 🙂 And then everyone went to sleep. Nature’s Fury killed 14 players, 11 or so were killed by others not moving. Someone commented that healers have to stand out of mushrooms if they have it so they can’t heal themselves – which was translated in my head as ‘we’re just going to smash our head on the wall from now on cause’.

Uh oh. I think I vomited on my modem, its short circuiting and now I’m hungry again so I better go make dinner.

So we killed Stonebark and no one was interrupted and the sun started shining and we got to phase 2 and a tree grew (cause there was suddenly so much sun I bet), no one killed it, she healed right up, and we all died horribly to an enrage timer. Right at the end of the raid too. Amusingly it was suggested that we stay and go again to save having to do trash tomorrow night…. But alas no. Way past bed time for him and him and him. TBH I would have argued the need for beauty sleep as well, except I sort of enjoyed seeing Freya getting big and turning red. Must be a gay thing.


Virgins? No.

August 10, 2009

I have recently found that two of my guild mates have a blog which is primarily used to discuss World of Warcraft. I am not a blog reader and it didn’t occur to me that people would blog about Wow. They do though and it’s interesting reading, especially for me because these two guildies are both intelligent adults. Not to belittle non-adult blogs but one of the guildies comments on things like frequentist and Bayesian statistics while the other mindblowingly measures her attention span per night and per boss kill…and then she provided enough data to suggest that she has measured the length of her attention span against the success of each boss kill which perhaps insinuated comparative measures with the rest of the guildies (atleast it did for me).

As an officer and as the caster officer of my guild, this sort of feedback is invaluable – and wonderfully accessible on my own time. What do my guildies think? I’m ‘responsible’ for the largest (17 not including offspec) and one of the most diverse (5 classes) groups in our guild. I like to think that all the casters would come to me with opinions and suggestions, and a lot do, but I know that a lot don’t. There is trust aspect in our guild, we are trusted. We built our guild with the aim of being as fair as possible and communicating how that fairness was reached. Naturally we aren’t completly fair, we can’t be 😦 but everyone knows it is our cornerstone and we have stuck to it (sometimes painfully). However, while we are fair and while we are trusted I get the impression that some players think we have all the answers. These, amoungst others, are the players that don’t come to me with their opinions. Arguably these are also the players whom I am especially interested in hearing from. Partly because they are standing on the sideline judgeing but partly also because I’d rather we didn’t suprise them with an unpopular decision (it’s happened before, justification doesn’t replace imput as effectively as inclusion).

Anyway, this is my first blog (ever?). I am the caster officer of a 25 person raiding guild which jumps from 3rd to 5th on server progression from week to week. I began raiding when Zul’Grub was released and have taken 1 short break since then. I have been an officer in 3 guilds over that time, I have seen just about everything players can throw at the game and at officers (I say that deliberatly, something new would be hot). I have always played a Warlock  but I also have a Priest and a Druid. I have raided as a Warlock, Priest, Druid, and Mage at various times, but my experience and knowledge of other classes comes primarily from theorycrafting and talking to my friends 🙂